Transfer an App to a New iPhone or iPad

It is important to note that all things purchased through iTunes, whether it be games, apps, music, or other content are linked to the iTunes account rather than the device. This means that any other iProducts shared with the same iTunes account can share that same content. This allows for one-time purchases that can then by synced and used on multiple devices (as long as they are linked to that same iTunes account). Transferring of content can occur via iCloud backup, another iPhone or iPad, or iTunes sync. The most common way to transfer items is through iTunes and will be explained below.

When transferring an app to an iPhone or iPad via iTunes, the following steps are required:
1. Open iTunes on the computer associated with your iTunes account. Connect the iPhone or iPad that contains the apps you are wanting to transfer, via the USB cable.

2. Select your iPhone/iPad from the “Devices” list in iTunes and select the “Apps” tab. Check the “Sync Apps” box. Click the “Apply” button to allowing the syncing of your iPhone or iPad. This will copy your apps to the iTunes library. Once the sync is complete, disconnect the iPhone/iPad from the computer.

3. On the iPhone or iPad you wish to have the apps transferred to, go to the “Settings” application and tap the “Store” button. From here, enter your Apple ID and password for your iPhone/iPad with the original apps and sign in. This now allows your second device, iPhone/iPad to be linked to the same account as the first one.

4. Connect the second iPhone/iPad device to your computer and click the “Summary” tab in iTunes. Click the sync button and your apps will now be transferred onto this second device.

Transferring via iCloud:
If you already have an existing iCloud account with your iPhone or iPad, be sure to enable it on the device you are transferring to and from. Sign in to your iCloud on both devices and content will easily transfer to the new device.

How Faster Internet Influences Better Web Design

Technology evolves every day of every year.  The internet is a form of technology that millions of people use on a daily basis.  The internet can be used for business and personal purposes.  Here are five ways

fast internet influences better web design.

5. Deep, but Clear Captivation

Web design is based upon many different components.  One of the most important factors about web design is the “wow factor”.  Vivid colors and clear, crisp detail create the wow factor.  People want

their attention to be captured and the internet plays a major role in capturing someone’s attention.  Slow internet connections cannot load the webpage in a timely manner in order to give the visitor the shocking wow factor.

Fast internet connection load the web page quicker which means graphics load a lot quicker.

4. Designs that Co-Exist

When people view a webpage, they look for color, design, and how well the page flows.  Page flow is determined by graphics and organization.  Web pages that have text and graphics in random locations on the page are

less likely to grasp the attention of their visitors because the page is unorganized, it is difficult to read, and hard to focus on.  The text and design of any webpage should coordinate.  With faster internet, designs of

high complexity can be used to enhance the visitor’s experience.

3. It’s all about the Concept

A high-speed internet connection, like the one from, allows any graphic designed to be used on the web page.  A slow

internet connection makes using high quality graphics and designs almost impossible.  When you have an awesome concept for a web design planned, it’s a bummer when you cannot execute your awesome design due to a slow internet

connection.  Faulty internet connections decrease the amount of progress that can be made within a day.

2. Making Things “Pop”

Aside from the wow factor, you need a webpage that pops out and grabs the audience.  The more features you have available on the website, the more traffic you can potentially generate, but only with a fast internet

connection.  Slow internet connections load webpages slowly and can cause a lot of page features to become unavailable, thus making the page less user-friendly.

1. The Quality Factor

Quality plays a significant role with web design.  The design of the page, size of the webpage, and valid coding are other components of web design that should be considered within the quality factor.  With high-speed

internet, graphics can be of the highest quality available without compromising the page’s load time and appearance.  Fast internet connections makes editing and publishing web pages effortless.

Exciting Technology Trends in North Carolina

North Carolina has continued to see a number of great innovations over the past few years. However, at the moment, the Sate is looking to lead the way in modern technological advancement, and so far a number of remarkable innovations have already been set in motion. The local ICT industry is booming and currently it is providing jobs for over 100.000 people.

This is of course a trend that most analysts expect to continue. The State’s government has made its priority to offer companies and researchers a conducive environment to foster innovation. With its world class infrastructure, North Carolina has been offering locally-based businesses a great competitive edge to establish and grow modern technology to great levels.

It is important to note that innovative companies located in North Carolina are some of the major players driving technology here to a brighter future. HealthCare IT is also a major innovation that North Carolina is pioneering. The approach is simply designed to leverage on modern technology to increase efficiency and improve the general nature of service in health centers across the State. Although the IT industry seems to be the bedrock of innovation in the State, the impact it is having on other sectors including education, health and the economy is indeed huge.

Additionally, North Carolina is also hosting great Technology conferences all designed to drive up the level of innovation, increase the incorporation of technology in improving customer relations in business as well as highlight the impact of technology in influencing smart decisions. The tech scene in the state seems to be on upward trajectory; this means more jobs, more innovation, and most importantly increased competitiveness for locally based technology companies.

The state is also leading the industry in drone research as it looks to find new and better ways to use drones without infringing on the privacy of anyone. These are some of the main factors that simply make North Carolina a perfect place for Tech companies looking to grow and explore new horizons. Looking at the great progress the state is making at the moment, it’s not hard to see why.